Preparing Yourself For Your Quad Bike Ride

Much like driving a car for the first few times, there are going to be things that you want to check over every single time you prepare to go riding on a quad bike. Doing these things will ensure that not only will you be able to focus more on the trails that you are taking, but also that you will be safe while doing so. While it might seem tedious and unnecessary the first few times you have to check all of these items, it will soon become habit and common sense, as it will help prepare you to have a good time quad biking.

1. Prepare Your Gear For The Ride

It should be common sense that you wear your gear when you are going quad biking. A full set of gear includes a good helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, and clothing that covers your skin. You should check your gear to determine its quality, and if there are any potential problems or malfunctions. Your goggles should be clear and without any cracks. Your boots should be solid, without any sole tearing or anything along those lines. The same applies to the gloves. You will want to make sure that they are in good condition and not tearing at the seams. Making sure that your gear is intact will ensure that if you do end up flipping over, you won’t be nearly as hurt as you could be.

2. Prepare Your Quad Bike For The Ride

Once your gear has been sorted out, you will want to make sure that your bike is ready to go for a ride. Every single time you plan on taking your quad bike for a ride, you will want to do what is called a “pre-inspection.” These are smaller inspections that simply ensure that there are no immediate problems with the quad bike. These inspections include checking the tyres (and rims) for damage, checking the control cables to make sure they are intact, checking the chain for any worn links, checking the sprockets for broken teeth, and making sure that everything is running and sounding as it should when you start the bike up. If something is wrong, you might want to consider looking at new Yamaha quads for sale in UK.

3. Prepare Yourself For The Ride

Finally, you will ultimately want to make sure that you are prepared. If you are going on a trail that you have never been on, you will want to make sure that you have a map. You should have a map on you at all times regardless. If you are going to be on your bike for more than a few hours, you should bring some food and water to keep you hydrated and full of nutrients. You should check the weather to ensure that there is no chance of rain, and if there is, ensure that you are well-prepared for it.

Before you start driving your quad bike make sure to follow the abovementioned steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.