Hobbies Men Could Take Up On

Well, doing some really interesting and educational hobbies is certainly better than growing old, remembering that all you did in your free time was play video games or watch You tube videos until you fall asleep. Get a hobby, man. An interesting one. One that can make you feel manly and overpowering. Treat it like it was your downtime, all the whole learning a lot of new things. They could even enhance your body and mind, depending on the hobby that you’re going to take up.

So with that, what ARE the hobbies that would make an interesting learning experience?

Martial Arts

Come on. It lets you blow off some steam while also make you feel like you were Jackie Chan. Who doesn’t want to be Jackie Chan? You get to kick butt and stretch your body like you’ve never done before. Sure, the first parts of this training is painful, but every other hobby or sport starts that way. It’s just a matter of getting used to it to the point of actually getting good at the thing. If I were any younger, I would definitely take this upon myself. So then when I grow old and become a grandpa, I would be one of those old dudes that know how to kick butt. An unassuming grandpa.

Car Racing

Car Race, Ferrari, Racing Car, Pirelli, Speed, Blue

Imagine driving at a really high speed and then pretending you were Jason Statham from Transporter. You could be that if you take the time to get into this manly hobby. Cars themselves are already a stigma to anything man-related. Granted, it doesn’t have to be for everyone and I don’t mean to sound sexist here but car racing just sounds really cool. A bit dangerous, yes, but that’s what the thrill is for. The adrenaline rush that comes with it is amazing.


This kind of hobby would really only work in the winter or if you were in the northern parts of this planet. Not to mention it gets really expensive too. Nonetheless, nothing is cooler than snowboarding down a snowy mountain and making up all the moves and tricks you could think of. With the subtle fear in mind that says “I hope I don’t hit that tree over there”. This sport is really challenging and anyone who likes a challenge will like this. Treat this as such and have fun during the whole learning experience.


I tried archery once just a few months ago. It was my first time. I wanted to try it and feel like I was Legolas or something and I did not regret it. It was fun and challenging even though it gave me the biggest and ugliest bruise right on my arm when the drawstring hit it once I let it go. I treated it as a battle scar and got giddy with it. I would do it again once I have the time to do so.

Take up one of these or take up all of them. Go ahead and expand your knowledge. At least you would have something to brag to when you’re old enough to have grandkids. There are still more to choose from in mantelligence too.

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