2020’s Hot Trends! Starting The Year Off Fresh And Stylish

It’s time to take a peek at what’s trending for THIS year! Last year we covered the fashion trends for that year in particular. This time we’ll cover what it’s going to be this year. Are some of the stuff staying the same? Will some come back from previous years? What are the new ones?

Let’s see what the fashion industry has in store for the males in the world. Maybe they can see something that matches their tastes and their fashion styles? Everyone has a different one, after all.

Cross-Body Bags

Thankfully, this is still pretty much relevant to men everywhere. It’s not just women who have a lot of stuff to carry with them all the time, men carry stuff all the time too. And cross-body bags are the best-looking bags for them.

Monochromatic Suits

A suit made of entirely one singular colour (not just white or black, there are literally so many colours under the sun). Like a peachy white suit over a peachy white shirt underneath and peachy white pants. Same goes for the cravat if you like being fancy.

Sheer Tops

The ventilation in this one is magnificent. It’s breezy and you get to show off your abs for all the girls to squeal over. During summer, you can utilise this when the weather is too hot to handle.

Shirtless and Suits

Times are changing and that means you don’t have to wear a shirt underneath that suit. You get a hot look while spending less money on what should’ve been the shirt.


Vests are cool, even if you don’t have a suit for it. Just don’t pair it with a fedora. No matter how much you think otherwise, fedoras are still lame. Don’t become one of those “m’lady” guys who are actually horrible examples of the male species.

Non-Motorcycle Leather Jackets

As a rule of thumb, I am entitled to be bias in an article I personally wrote. That means I can say leather jackets are awesome and I’m personally glad that it’s coming back in 2020. Just the ones that aren’t meant for motorcycle-riding though. Still, do you have any idea how many girls are going to be after you if you wear a leather jacket and pair it off with the right shirt, the right jeans and the right shoes? Commence the squealing fangirls. 2020’s fashion trends doesn’t sound so awful now.


The best thing about this one is that you can probably just go to your nearest thrift shop and grab the coolest-looking tie-dye shirt for a cheap price. Why stop at shirts? There are also hoodies for it. The first 3 months of 2020 is cold set of months so don’t hesitate to take advantage of your army of hoodies along with it.