What NOT To Do When Trying To Lose Weight

There are so many common misconceptions when it came to diet and trying to lose weight. Most of the time, we don’t even do proper research or consult a professional before we dive into it. Why would we, anyway? It’s a waste of money most of the time. So we end up doing what we THINK would help us lose weight and think we’re getting healthier as we do so.

Except, you know, not really.

Because most people do things that don’t really help them in any way, even if they weren’t on this diet. These are mostly bad habits too. And if you are doing any of these WHILE you are doing your best at losing weight, then I’m sorry to say but you’ll only be reversing the results here.

Skipping sleep is bad (obviously)

If this is already a bad idea when you aren’t limiting your food intake, how much more damage do you think this is going to do to you if you DO limit it? When you’re on a diet, you tend to lessen the food you might want to eat. This means you’re going to have to rely on sleep to replenish your much-needed energy. How are you going to do if you skip it all together?

Missing meals isn’t going to help

Surprisingly, this doesn’t work. Skipping meals is like the worst you can do damage your diet. Not only are you going to get sick from all the meals you’ve been skipping, a lot of the time people will get fat because of it. This is mostly because whenever you eat again after skipping the previous meal, you’d end up making up for it and eat twice as much in one meal. It’s very counterproductive.

Cutting food groups won’t help either

Carbs are NOT bad for you so stop listening to those dumb diet speakers that tell you to avoid it. Carbs are actually helpful, not just to your health in general but also on your journey to a more fit body. Stop avoiding them. They will help you get the energy you need to get through the day.

Checking your weight every day is just going to make you miserable

Nothing is worse than seeing all your efforts bare nothing. It’s already hard to try to lose weight, but to actually see it literally not DO anything? That’s a little crushing. But that’s just the thing about going on a diet. It doesn’t happen overnight. It has to be maintain for AT LEAST a whole month for you to see a bit of the results. So weighing yourself daily isn’t going to help you morale-wise.

Expecting miracles? You’ll just be disappointed

Seriously, stop expecting it. The reality of this world is that there are no such miracles. Everything is done through hard work and patience. A LOT of it. So keep at it and don’t get discouraged. If I have to give you advice on losing weight, it’s that you should stop comparing yourself to other people.