Keeping Your Space Simple And Minimalist

The less you have in your living space, the less there is that you could bump into when you arrive home at night, drunk.

Okay, say that you don’t drink anymore (good one), you still have to make sure that your home doesn’t have that bachelor type of look anymore, otherwise your friends are going to keep on ribbing on you for the rest of your friendship (which, depending on how annoying they could be, could last either a lifetime or a day to be honest).

So keep in mind that you don’t really need to spend that much money on making the place look aesthetic yet simple. Based on effortlessgent, let’s discuss the things that you can consider.

Living Room

You have your couch already but consider one that is only one colour. Change the one that you have already because that’s really old. Pick one that is either black, white or gray. Those colours are always the staple for minimalist colours anyway. Make sure that’s something that you and your guests can sit in a relaxing way.

Your rugs need to be present, even if you somehow have the best floors in the universe. One can make a huge difference to how your floors will look.

As for lighting, consider some industrial lamps and some window lights too. You may need some black curtains if you’re living in a city.


This is where you mostly will be so take care to make this part of your home the best to stay at. Whether you’re going to invite a pretty lady in there or you’re just going to stay in there for hours on end (#relatable), you and I can’t deny that this place has to be really pleasant to be in. From the bed to every single furniture to all the items that you own.

For one thing, you bed has to be bigger than the solo twin you’ve been using up until now. New sheets, new pillows—everything about that has to be new. You’re an adult now, after all. It would only make sense if you make that bed a priority. Men don’t come home from work to lay down on a cheap futon-like hamstring or cot anymore. Men come home to lay on a soft, nice-looking bed that you are tempted to sleep on all the time.


Simple yet efficient cookware is where it’s at right now. The glassware doesn’t have to be fancy. As long as you have enough to accommodate you and a few people for when you invite them over, it should be fine. Your kitchen needs to have the complete set, at the same time not exceeding what a five-star kitchen is supposed to have.


Ah, a very important part of the house. Where you clean yourself and feel safe as you do your business. All you really need for this room is to have a bathtub, a shower, a sink and a toilet and you’re good to go. Of course, what tiles you pick here is also going to be really important. I would suggest maybe monochrome but nothing else. Maybe black because it gives out a really clean feel.

Everything else just kind of comes into place as well. You don’t need to have a big house with lavish things to feel successful. Just simple stuff that serves their purpose and everything falls into place.

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