Ab Workouts

There are times when we want to just stop being lazy and start exercising so we could feel less like lazy trash. That rarely happens for people who frequent the internet. However for those that DO actually want to change and start improving their body, you came to the right place.

This topic covers only one part of the human body though and as you can probably guess from the title itself, we will be focusing on the abs. So what workout do we do to get that amazing 6-pack? Based on mensjournal, here are the workouts:

Ab Wheel Rollout

You need to kneel on the floor with this one and then hold an ab wheel below your shoulders. You have to brace your abs and then roll the wheel ‘til your hips might sag and might lose tension in your very core. After that roll back and do it back and forth until you feel satisfied or until you deem it necessary.

Arms-High Partial Sit-up

You will have to lie on your back for this one while you knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Then raise your arms up straight and keep them pointed up all throughout the exercises. Halfway sit up and then steadily and slowly return to the floor. Keep doing this sit up again and again.

Barbell Rollout

You may need to load your barbell with ten-pound plates. Kneel on the floor right behind this and your shoulders ought to be over the bar for this one. Basically do the same as the one where you had to roll out the wheel. Repeat until you deem it fit to stop and move on to a different workout.

Barbell Russian Twist

Grab the barbell near the end with both hands and swing it left and right while your feet are apart at shoulder width.

Swiss Ball Crunch

Best ab exercises to get a six-pack — Swiss ball crunch
Beth Bischoff

Do sit-ups on a Swiss ball. Your hands should be behind your ears and your chin should be tucked.

Dip/leg Raise Combo

This is when you grip the bars and you use that to raise your legs up and bend your knees just a bit. Your legs should be parallel to the floor.

Flutter Kick

You will need to lie on your back for this workout. Your legs have to be straight along with your arms that has to be extended at your sides. Raise your feet up 6 inches and make rapid kicks in a quick motion.

Front Squat

This is when you set the barbell right by your shoulders and you squat down really low with that thing on there. Your back needs to be straight for this too and never lose the arch you have on there.

Leg Raise

Lay back down on the floor and grab something to hold to right over your head. It needs to be heavy so you don’t budge no matter how much weight you pull from yourself. Raise your legs next and they have to be straight and pointing at the ceiling while you lower back is down, although that needs to be just slightly off the floor too.

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