Food Addiction – How To Curb It?

I, myself, am a victim to food addiction. I know how it’s like to act on impulse and end up blasting though your money by buying food that you deem as your “ultimate favourite”. What sucks is that I not only have any self-control, but my food addiction changes from time to time

One moment I would rather eat spaghetti for every meal for every day for the rest of my life, then the next I would forgo eating and just suck on some gold ol’ milk tea or Yakult. It’s ridiculous. And sure, you can argue that being addicted to milk tea or Yakult isn’t so bad, since the other one is literally milk (healthy) plus tea (VERY healthy) while the latter is a probiotic drink that helps your stomach and even promote some weight loss. But just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat or drink them ALL the time.

So if I want a balanced diet and be fit for the rest of my life, I’m going to have to curb it as much as I can.

What’s The First Step Though?

Good question. Okay so here is what I got from reading something about overcoming food addiction. The first thing you do is to list down what you would call Trigger Foods. These are the foods you are addicted on or have the tendency to binge-eat on a lot. At least by then you would know what to avoid.

Next is to list the fast foods that actually serve healthy options. This is so you would want to visit them and prevent some relapse. Learn what to eat. Eat the healthier ones that you once thought you would never in your life even look at (cucumbers and seafood for me, shudders) and make a change by trying them out. You might start to like them.

And then list down the consequences of what would what happen if you DO relapse. Blackmail or threaten yourself. This is like a desperate last attempt for people like me who sometimes don’t care for the changes anymore. At least if I’m scared enough of the consequences, I would be rethinking about my own relapse and judgment.

Now Listen…

I’m making light of this because I’m basing it off on my OWN experience. Mine wasn’t really as bad as most people. Some of you out there might seriously be having a problem about it. You might be binge-eating because it’s your way of coping or maybe because it’s a legitimate addiction. No matter how many times I sometimes joke about addiction, addiction in GENERAL is a serious and real thing.

Seek help. Get someone to help you and discipline yourself. Or better yet, go to a doctor so they can oversee it themselves.

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