Pocket Watches – Are They Worth Owning?

We’ve seen them in movies for most of the time. They are kind of handy and you could even look like modern day Sherlock Holmes if you own one. I myself wouldn’t mind owning one, as long as it’s functional at least.

However we have watches nowadays and we wouldn’t even be bothered to hold it around all the time. We could just wear it on our wrists. So what is really the use of pocket watches when we have normal watches that we can just attach to our wrists?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the classics, right? Besides, there’s just something that screams “Classy” once you start owning one. It certainly feels a little fancier to dig into your pocket to take out your pocket watch just to check the time, than to dig your phone out to do the same. You can even collect some of it and its pieces if it suits YOUR fancy.

Before all that though, there are some things to consider upon purchasing one. Let’s follow dapperfied’s line of thought here.

  1. Brand name – depending on which brand you like, the amount of how much you’re going to end up paying for it may be enough to cripple you. Watch out for the really expensive one, unless you have the money to burn. Other than that, be smart like how you usually pick your watches. Pick the ones that are functional, looks pretty and is cheap. For the rich folks, don’t be a brand snob.
  2. Chain/Strap/Band – you may need to check whether your new pocket watch is attached by a chain, a strap or maybe a band. While none of those really bother me personally, I understand that some people actually do have preferences regarding this. If it’s a chain, make sure that the quality of that is the same as the pocket watch itself.
  3. Its use – is it to be used every day? Only for special occasions? Or maybe you just want to collect them? Regardless of what purpose you intended upon your purchase, just make sure that you chose one that is highly functional and just the right amount of attractive
  4. Its history – ah, the main reason why I even wanted a pocket watch in the first place. Its origin is one, solely because I love history and I get really excited when I own something ancient and has a lot of story, especially if it’s something usable even after all the years it’s been kept away. Pocket watches are just the best things to own in that case.

Now with all that said and done, you also need to think about whether you actually need it in the first place. Remember that this is going to be kept in your pocket, hence the name. While I can agree that sometimes it gets annoying to have something be kept in your pockets, I can also argue that keeping them in a bag is more annoying.

With that, you got to ask yourself before actually buying a pocket watch – is it worth owning?

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