Motorcycle Travel

Riding a motorcycle is one of the freest activities that has ever been bestowed on us. At times, I can actually understand why so many motorcycle drivers would go adrenaline-crazy when driving their own bikes, even though I sometimes they were stupid for it, what with the danger of crashing and all. However, I get it.

The wind hitting your face and messing your hair around. The feeling of rushing adrenaline as you cranked up the accelerator. The loud growling sounds the engine would make. The surroundings melting off into blurs.

It’s outright liberating.

So if you combine motorcycle driving with travelling, which happens to be another activity that’s even more freeing, what happens?

An adventure happens.

Tips for Motorcycle Travelling

  • Get the right accessories
  • Choose the right bike
  • Prepare said bike for the long journey
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Ensure proper rest in between

These tips ought to ensure a safer and better type of experience for you, lest you go overboard and get caught by the authorities for not following the 4th tip over there. As thrilling as it is to go a billion miles an hour, it still isn’t wise. A lot of bad things could happen and despite the freeing feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins at full throttle, being alive is better.

Resting should also be considered a lot. You are the one who will be doing all the driving and you need the proper rest in order to drive properly. It isn’t wise to drive around when your mind isn’t at all there, you know? How are you going to enjoy the full essence of driving against the wind if your brain isn’t even up to speed?

Don’t just let your own body rest. Prep your own bike too, by choosing the right one that was capable of long travels and is sturdy enough that won’t break down during your adventure. Make sure that it can weather basically anything you want it to go through so the experience is best. Don’t let it hinder you in your own much-needed relaxing time with nature.

Travelling is going to be lonely, especially if you’re doing it by bike. Most of the time, you HAVE to be alone to be able to travel by bike, seeing as it would be really taxing on both you and your passenger if you decided to bring one with you. Trust me on this. I’ve been the passenger more than once when I was a kid, hugging my dad’s waist as he took me driving to the mountains for about 3 hours. Sometimes we would stop for bathroom breaks but it wasn’t nearly enough. my dad wanted me go along with him however I know that we was worrying about me since I was, what, six years old the first time he took me travelling? Your butt is going to hurt. But that is why you have to rest every now and then, yeah?

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