On A Diet? Here Are Foods You Should Avoid Then

You went into this knowing the sacrifices you will have to make. There is no room for complaining now. You want to lose weight the right way, you have to earn it. This means no more fatty and sweet food that you normally eat during meals and snack time. In fact, you are forbidden from eating snacks in general. No more eating in between the three basic meals in a day. Only breakfast, lunch and then dinner.

It’s going to be hard at first since your body is already used to eating between meals, but it’s necessary for weight loss. The reason why we get fat is because of the snacks we eat. Whether they are healthy snacks or not, it’s best if you avoid eating during these hours in the end.

So what are the food should you avoid during diet?

Potato Crisps and French Fries

Whole potatoes are healthy, well-balanced and filling, but you can’t say the same for its cooked counterparts French fries and potato chips. They are very high in calories not to mention way too easy to get carried away and eat way too many of them. For that reason, it’s better to eat plain, boiled potatoes.

Sugary Drinks

Sugar is not only going to make you fat and store all the fat up in places that won’t ever thin down again, it’s also more addicting and deadlier than drugs in general. Just stick to water.

White Breads

It has a lot of added sugar, which by now we have learned is the main cause why we get fat and have difficulty losing weight.

Candy bars

Sugar, sugar, sugar. It’s like everywhere we go there’s a certain amount of sugar in it. Best avoid candy bars the most. Those things are like compacted sugar pressed into one.

Fruit Juices

Surprising, huh? Considering that fruits are supposed to help us be healthy and thin down. Well, fruit juices contain way more sugar than you think. Again, water is better. And tea.

Cakes, Cookies, Pastries

Flour, oil and sugar. These things are the main reason why we all are so fat. We love eating them because they are delicious but boy do they pack a lot of weight in them.

Beer and Some Types of Alcohol

Wine is fine but beer isn’t. I have seen a lot of proof that beer can give you a belly big enough to make people confused whether you’re pregnant or not.

Ice Cream

This has got to be the saddest part here. Ice cream is milk and sugar combined. That is like a one-way trip to diabetes town. Like bacon on pancakes.

High Calorie Coffee Drinks

Coffee is normally okay and help you lose weight, but be careful around the ones with a lot of calories. It’s best to drink coffee without milk and sugar too.

Foods High In Added Sugar

ANYTHING with sugar at all will break your diet. Stay away from them.