Men’s Must-Have Cosmetics And Why You Should Have Them

A lot of men are actually getting more conscious about the way they look more than women have been. With the rise of K-pop and it pretty much popularising pretty boys who never fail to look perfect and reigning in the ladies, it makes sense that  a lot of men would want to get in to that too. Who can blame them? One of the most sought-after males in the world are Korean idols and actors, all who happen to wear a generous amount of make-up ALL the time. And did it make them any less manly?

Not in the least.

However, like women, you don’t have to wear a lot of it on your face if it isn’t really your thing to do so. You don’t have to worry about the lip tint that handsome males wear to make their lips kissable, just a simple kit can do you good.


This is so your face doesn’t look like a crumpled piece of paper. That kind of skin is disgusting and unattractive. Moisturisers are there to help you hydrate your skin and actually makes it LOOK like it is skin, and not just some flaky dog’s butt. If you want the ladies, then try as hard as they are trying every day to look presentable, buddy.


Hydration is basically something that helps nourish your skin. A scrub is something helps CLEAN that face. This is the one that helps clean the pores that you have on your skin. Remember that that pores are basically tiny holes on our skin. If that gets clogged by sweat or dirt, it results to acne. Scrubs are what prevents that.


Lucky for you, this is something that soothes your irritated skin after you shaved. It doesn’t minimise your so-called machismo. It stops your skin from getting res and ugly. Girls tend to stay away from that stuff, ESPECIALLY if the red irritated skin came from your face.

Lip Balm or Chap Stick

No one likes chapped lips. Any person with kissable lips have one of these tucked away somewhere on them. Ladies wouldn’t want to kiss your lips if they’re as chapped as that.


Sunburn is NOT cool. This is for your safety as much as it is for vanity. There are a lot of areas in the world prone to so much heat. Don’t hurt yourself by staying indoors all the time to avoid the burn. Wear sunscreen so you can enjoy the bright day.


Don’t forget that grimy hair is not only gross for yourself but for other people in your vicinity as well. If you are not the type to wash your hair with shampoo since you were birthed, then you better start now.


Hey, if you want nice-looking hair and get the ladies, conditioner is one of the things to get used to.

Hair oil

Hair oil is essentially what a moisturiser is, except it helps strengthen and moisturise your scalp instead of the skin on your face.


Not everyone is born with flawless skin, no matter how hard we try to clean up and change our habits. A concealer is what your pretty girlfriend uses that makes her have flawless skin. Want that too? Use a concealer. It hides your imperfections.


They highlight your best parts, like your cheekbones.