What’s Hot For Men This 2019? Find Out What’s Trending this Year!

It’s now time to look at what’s trending for men this year. You can get them and wear them to show you are caught up, however if you don’t think they are for you or if you genuinely don’t like these types of fashion trends, then you’re free to wear anything you like.

For those who want to know what’s trending, however, let’s have a little chitchat about that, shall we?

So what exactly are the trends that is hot for 2019? Let’s base this from stylecaster and see what they are, starting with:

Light-Wash Denim

Denim has always been with us back then and it says something about how useful it actually is with how it’s still relevant until now. Most of the time though, men prefer the darker coloured ones and I can’t blame them because I too like my clothes darker-coloured. According to Pinterest though, the searches for the lighter-denim is more than 70%. Not to mention that this kind of shade is officially the MOVE, apparently, in the New Year.

Sling Bags

It makes you look younger. Even if some men prefer some backpacks, this has actually been searched a LOT of times on Pinterest. And when I say a lot, I mean about more than a thousand percent of the time. What else is there more to say? It’s very practical and fashionable, not to mention easy to carry around without having to use your hands as you walk around.

Neck Scarves

My personal favorite from this list. It keeps you warm and you can have lots of ways as to how you’re going to wear this around your neck. The best part about this is that it’s completely gender-neutral. Anyone can wear this and still look really stylish no matter what. You can also choose what designs you want for this one. I suggest the plaid ones, by the way.

Vintage Watches

When it came to watches, men tend to go for the expensive ones that really make you feel like a millionaire. Some go for a Rolex and I honestly cannot blame them. It gives them this professional yet sexy look to them. I take one look at their wrist and the watch itself immediately takes hold of my attention. The only way to describe someone who pulls this off is someone the memers call as a “Daddy”. The vintage ones just really takes the cake here. They are attractive and they look great. What more could you want?

Plaid Pants

I like it. It gives this slightly “edgy” look while still looking like a Millennial boy in a Starbucks café. The searches for this one had gone up to over 200 percent and that’s saying something. If you want a new change in your style, you should definitely try this out. You get to have this casual look that this year likes to show off. Trends are great but they really shouldn’t define the way you want to look or dress up as. Anyone’s taste can change in the a matter of a day, after all.

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