Gift Ideas For Your Beloved Introvert

As an extroverted person, you may find introverts as creatures from another planet. They’re quiet, withdrawn and hard to get acquainted with, let alone get to know, which makes you scratch your head and sometimes wonder how you have fallen for someone who is your exact opposite, someone who’s an introvert.

Truth be told, it isn’t hard to fall in love with introverts. They’re probably some of the best friends the world could have and the sweetest, most thoughtful lovers. They’re the types who would take time to find the best presents to give the people they love, and now that your beloved’s birthday is fast approaching, you may be finding that gifting something for your introvert love may pose more of a challenge than most people on your list.

What do you get someone who seems to be withdrawn and hard to know? The following are some of the gifts introverts would be ecstatic to unwrap (while stifling a squeak).

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Introverts would love a pair of noise-cancelling headphones as it helps them stay in their own world. With those headphones, they can shield themselves from the loud chatter from fellow passengers during commute or at the office.

2. Books

Introverts are most of the time seen as bookworms, which isn’t really surprising. It’s easy to spot an introvert or two in a cafe engrossed with a book. Reading a book for introverts is like being in a quiet refuge from a noisy world, but also provides this quiet breed social intelligence to help them understand people – especially ones such as yourself, an extrovert – better. Good contemporary fiction books can also entertain them and take their mind off being anxious while waiting for the bus to arrive. You can also get them a book about introversion and after only a few pages, you would find them nodding along with what they’re reading.

3. Cozy Blanket

You can get introverts one of those fleece throw blanket that would make them feel comfortable in no time. These gentle people love being bundled under the covers or laze around wrapped in a blanket doing nothing.

4. Comfy Sweatshirt

Introverts are homebodies, so they would definitely appreciate a comfortable pullover. Grab them one with a funny message of introvert declaration written on it, it would make them laugh and agree.  It may not be something you would find them wearing at a party, but it would be something they would love wearing at home will binge-watching on Netflix.

5. Aromatherapy Set

Being comfortable is a big deal for introverts, so they love coming to a well-scented, relaxing home. An aromatherapy gift set would surely make home soothing for your beloved.

It can be puzzling trying to figure out what’s on the mind of your favourite introvert, but with those abovementioned ideas, shopping for him or her should no longer be giving you anxiety. If you have an introvert in your extroverted life, the best way to finding a great gift for him or her is to focus on his or her individuality.