2020 Trending Fashion Accessories For Men

Are you wondering what’s going to be popular when it comes to men’s fashion in the year 2020? With 2019 quickly approaching its end faster than we thought it would, it’s a little hard to even be on track with what’s popular and what’s not anymore. While there are some of us who just won’t bother and just wear what we like to wear and what makes us feel comfortable and confident, it also doesn’t hurt to try and look forward to what’s coming.

If we can’t catch up to what’s current, how about we look at what’s going to be trending later on? What do you think we would be wearing next year? This is why this article was written.


Suspenders are traditional, but it has also become more of a fashion statement and is definitely still going to be fashionable no matter what time period we are in. Luckily you can just get some traditional mens suspenders and braces easily to complete your look at your nearby stores or through a quick online search. Most of the men who pair their trousers with suspenders are the ones who pay attention to what they wear, therefore they’re attractive-looking all the time.  

Cross-Body Bags

Men aren’t known to really tote bags around like women do with their purses, which may leave you wondering if it doesn’t make things difficult for them. What if they’re going someplace and have to carry some things with them? Hence, the cross-body bags were created. If you’re going for a messenger bag or something else, it still is stylish. Men have been using these small bags for a short while now. This is still going to be trending by the time 2020 rolls by.

High-Waisted Trousers

Back in the 1940’s, these types of pants were so popular that everyone wore them. Now they’re back. Resurgence isn’t surprising when it comes to fashion, with old styles being used again and often with a contemporary twist. People these days can style pants to their liking, and other than getting an interesting mix of retro and modern, they also pair it with black formal suspenders, since suspenders are also fashionable no matter what year it is.

Shield Sunglasses

Time to bring back the futuristic glasses. They shield your eyes from the sun, as they should, and give you a sleek look like you belonged in a sci-fi film. Whether you go for big pairs that cover half your head, small and colourful ones, or subtle shades that complement your outfit, it doesn’t matter. They are in again and they are making men look awesome. The best part about them is that sunglasses are always going to be fashion statements that never go away, no matter what type you choose to wear.

Whether you wear the abovementioned items together or separately, with other accessories not mentioned here, it’s your call. There are more accessories that you could experiment with such as hats, shoes, watches and rings. Go find your own fashion style!