The Best Known Beaches For Surfing North Devon Has

North Devon is already a must-surf destination. We all know this, even the fact that North Devon is a place for some very high quality spots. But do you know which beach is the best for surfing? After all, if we’re going on a vacation anyway, why not go for the best and take advantage of the fact that going to North Devon is a wonderful chance you should take?

Already, we know that there are many places in North Devon that are great for vacationing to. Whether they are for kids, for the entire family, for adults only and for those wanting thrills in their lives. It’s the beaches that we don’t want to ignore. So let’s get started on these beaches, shall we?


For the confident and experienced, Croyde is the beach you should go to. It’s the beach where you can ride fast with its busy waves. As soon as you’ve booked for one of the 2020 Croyde holiday cottage home rentals, go to the beach of Croyde and test out your skills in surfing. It might be busy for the beginners during summer, but that doesn’t mean the experienced ones can’t enjoy it.


This is both for beginners and experienced surfers, as well as the sunbathers. Because it has a reef break, its surf produces very good waves for you to take advantage of. It can be surfed on all tides too, which is a plus. If you are someone who does not like crowds, then walk the beach for a bit. This beach stretches on for miles.

Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! is the beach for the chill surfers and families. It isn’t as crazy as the others but for those who just want to surf idly and not take it too seriously (like how a vacation is supposed to be, by the way), this beach is for you. It’s a package too, since it has fish n’ chips and ice cream sold there. It is the ideal beach for a vacation.


Hopeless romantics, gather ‘round! Saunton is for you. This beach stretches on for miles too so if ever you find yourself having trouble looking for your spot, you won’t have a problem here. You are bound to find a spot that’s perfect for relaxing or having a private time with the love of your life. You can take walks with your lover here if you wish to take a break from surfing, and if you want to learn to surf, then this is the place you should be heading to. This is also the beach for families.


Putsborough is what you may call a diamond in the rough. It’s beautiful and ideal for everything, including surfing, family outings, diving, sunbathing and more. It isn’t as famous as the ones above but that is to your advantage, since you will be able to avoid crowds here. Bring your family or your lover here for a day at the beach.

North Devon is amazing, and its beaches are just one of the many things that make it so.