Made-To-Measure Tailoring Versus Bespoke

So what ARE the differences between a made-to-measure suit and a bespoke one? You might not really notice any differences if you look at a suit, but people who take extra care to look at details can certainly tell the difference. For one thing, the quality is an obvious difference. If you are the type to take an interest in these sorts of things then you would know right away which is made-to-measure and which is bespoke.


In terms of pattern-making, made-to-measure suits often have the same patterns and are generally more standard. Where areas, bespoke suits are like snowflakes, where each one is completely different and no pattern is the same. Meaning, each pattern is fresh and unique. The body alignment is also a key role when putting the patterns.


Made-measure suits will likely get a fitting at the outset, while bespoke gets you to fit the items DURING the tailoring process. Because made-to-measure suits are technically suits that have already been made, all you really need to do is put them on and see if they fit and then adjust the size if needed. Bespoke is different in a way that it is made solely for YOU therefore the entire thing will fit you perfectly without the need to adjust anything.


You get to choose from two or more mills when it comes to the fabric with made-to-measure suits. But with bespoke, you get to choose from ten mills or more.

Customisation options

There is no limit to any customisation you want with bespoke suits. Whatever you request will be done into the suit while made-to-measure suits will generally only give you maybe a few options in terms of customisation. Bespoke suits will grant you any kind of requests no matter how complex you might think it is.

Tailor face-time

This is probably the biggest difference between made-to-measure and bespoke suits. One thing you should know about made-to-measure suits is that you only really get to talk to the salesperson or whoever is owning the shop. On the other hand, getting a bespoke suit means you get to personally meet your tailor since they will be making the suit AFTER you request it of them. This means you get to talk to them about your requests and get fitted so they can accentuate your best body features once the suit is finished.

It should come to no surprise that since bespoke suits are basically customised suits, they would be a lot more expensive than made-to-wear. Whichever you pick for your night out, take note of the prices that will definitely cost you once you go get them. And if you DO choose to get bespoke, then make sure that it’s from a trustworthy tailor so you wouldn’t be wasting your money on something that you could have probably just gotten out of the made-to-wear rack.