Car Insurance For Staying & Driving In Thailand

Staying & Driving In Thailand? You’ll Need Thai Car Insurance

When driving in Thailand, you do not have the privilege of simply having a Thai passport or driver’s license that you can use as your legal identity in Thailand. Those are simply not enough if you want to drive on Thailand roads. You must get a car and obtain an auto insurance policy to be able to drive, and many foreigners coming to live and work in this Asian country have no idea what their auto insurance requirements are.

In fact, many foreigners who come to Thailand do not even own a car. This is because Thailand does not have an equivalent to the auto insurance system in most other countries. There are certain provisions and regulations that foreigners living and working in Thailand should be aware of. Auto insurance for foreigners who want to drive their own cars in Thailand can be obtained at quite reasonable rates if you are prepared to do a bit of research. You will want to get a good deal on your auto insurance while being fully protected when driving on the roads of Thailand.

The Rules

When it comes to auto insurance for foreigners in Thailand, the rules are fairly simple. You must purchase a car from a recognised automobile dealership that is authorised to sell auto insurances in Thailand. It is also important that you purchase the minimum amount of auto insurance that the Thailand government requires all drivers to carry when they are driving in the country.

Car Insurance In Thailand – Your Options

There are many options for purchasing Thailand car insurance. Foreigners coming to Thailand who own a car can take a short driving course and get their car insurance policy upon graduating. Also, foreigners can find affordable car insurance by shopping around. They can purchase the best car insurance Thailand (note, locally the spelling is ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น 1 ราคา) can offer that meets their needs and match the financial status of the driver.

What Makes Car Insurance In Thailand Different?

Thailand car insurance differs from other countries for several reasons. First, Thai law mandates that all drivers obtain auto insurance before they can get a driver’s license. Therefore, those who wish to drive in Thailand must first be insured under a valid car insurance policy. Furthermore, many of the costs associated with car accidents in Thailand involve insurance costs because the Thai authorities do not collect fines for minor traffic infractions like running a light or stopping at a red light.

Buying auto insurance in Thailand can be a daunting task because of the many options available. As driving in this country is not yet regulated, it is important that you research your policy thoroughly and make sure that it is purchased before your vacation ends. Getting car insurance is not only a wise decision but is also a legal requirement if you wish to drive in the Kingdom of Thailand.