Which Fashion Style Do YOU Belong To?

What fashion style do you belong to? Not to put a label on anyone, but depending on the kind of fashion style you belong to, it might say something about you. Or maybe you go by your own unique style? There’s nothing really wrong with that and if you like what you’re wearing, then all the more power to you, my dude.

But in what style do you think your style belongs to?

Are you the Corporate Powerhouse?

The type to wear suits all the time? If you are, then you are probably the Corporate Powerhouse. You are probably the type to want success all the time. Dressing for results is your game, especially with that no-nonsense attitude that is very clear throughout the way you wear. That diamond watch you wear probably isn’t just to tell the time too, but to silently tell people that you have a schedule.

Are you the Prepster?

The combination of a serous take-no-prisoners Corporate Powerhouse and a hipster. Are the kind who knows when to be serious but also when to lay back and chill with your buddies? Do you like wearing an edgy printed t-shirt right under your expensive label jacket? Because if so, then you are most probably the Prepster.

Are you the Hip Hop Street Artist?

The kind who wears streetwear all the time? If so, then embrace the fact that you are the Hip Hop Street Artist, and music most probably beats right within your soul. From layered parkas and distressed denim to snapbacks and jogger pants, that is definitely up your alley.

Are you the Jock?

Your kind of style probably has something to do with functional wear that allows you to move around a lot. Like joggers or jerseys. Clothes that you can do your workout or exercise in are your go-to. Anything that is technically sportswear will be your favourite batch of clothes, which makes sense, of course. Everyone has their own fashion style, after all.

Are you the Rock star Moto Man?

Edgy is more up your alley. Maybe it isn’t like the type you used to wear in your teens, where you would wear everything black imaginable, but the rock star attitude is still pretty much within you. Leather jackets and ripped jeans are probably your thing too, which is hot for the ladies. As long as you aren’t a jerk like most dudes who prefer the bad boy look, you are definitely cool in our books.

Are you the Adventurer?

Ah, a man among men, are you? Most of the time, you don’t even care about fashion and just stick to the typical flannels and canvas jackets, which never really go out of season no matter how much time passes. You could be the third Winchester brother in this case, which is even cooler than the rock star.

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