5 Tips For Wearing A Mermaid-Cut Dress To A Formal Event

Whatever else you may need for a formal event, you simply must choose a gorgeous dress for the occasion, and if you are leaning towards a mermaid-cut gown, there are a few important aspects to consider.

Your Body Shape

You certainly need curves in all the right places to carry off wearing a mermaid-cut long dress, and if you search online, you can find fitted mermaid prom dresses in a wide range of colours and styles. Ordering such a gown online means you have to accurately measure your bust, waist and hips, and you are better off with a gown that is slightly loose rather than tight, as you can ask a local seamstress to do some minor adjustments.

Full Dress Rehearsal

The only way to discover how you look for that special occasion is to have a full dress rehearsal, wearing your chosen shoes, make-up, hairdo and other accessories. Only then will you be able to judge your look, providing that you have a full-length mirror, of course. If you would like some further reading on mermaid style dresses and gowns, there are a few informative articles that are a must-read for any girl who is going to wear this style.

Choosing Shoes

It is important that your shoes are the right height for a mermaid-cut gown, with a pair of strap high-heels being the best choice. Contrasting colours do work and let’s not forget that your shoes will be visible at some point, so choose a pair that look like they belong with your outfit. Don’t make the mistake of wearing heels that are too high and lift the dress hem off the ground as you walk, while at the same time, short girls should find a happy medium with heel height.

Handbag Size

When wearing a mermaid style gown, avoid using a large bag, rather stick to a small or medium clutch bag, and by choosing a contrasting shade, your accessory will look like it belongs with the outfit. Avoid taking a bag with a shoulder strap as this will kill the look stone dead, and, of course, there is another alternative, which is no bag, or rather taking a bag that you will leave in the restroom, allowing you to pop out if you need anything.

Be Careful with Underwear

Avoid wearing lace lingerie, as this will certainly leave lines with a correctly fitting mermaid-cut dress, so look for underwear that is substantial and will not leave ugly lines beneath the gown. It is essential that your curves are smooth and line-free, and this will become apparent during the dress rehearsal.

Whether this is your prom night or a gala dinner, wearing a mermaid-cut dress does require that you take all of the above into consideration, and make sure that you prepare well in advance, in case you need to make some alterations with the dress or accessories. The best places to look for designer dresses with a mermaid cut are the online boutiques, where you would find stunning examples, and remember when you order, to allow enough time for minor alterations to be made.